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Green Design is Now Offering Tutoring!

Green Design teachers are now offering after school tutoring Monday through Saturday to help Green Design students stay on track to graduate. GDSA students can click on the Zoom meeting link in the PDF file to access a tutoring class during the days and times provided.
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Dyslexia Awareness

Dyslexia is a language-based disability that exists on a continuum and is characterized by difficulties in learning how to read fluently. Students with Dyslexia can also experience difficulties with oral language, spelling, and writing skills.

Addressing the needs of struggling readers requires a wide range of supports at schools and at home. With appropriate identification, tailored instruction, dedication, and support from family, teachers, and community members, individuals with Dyslexia can improve their reading skills and succeed in school and life.
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English Language Advisory Committee

El comité Asesor para aprendices de Inglés
6:45PM via Zoom
Visit for more information or
contact Dr. Podzimek via Schoology or
Zoom link:
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