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Saint Patrick's Day at Green Design

St. Patrick’s is a holiday that originated in Ireland, but is celebrated throughout the United States. The history behind St. Patrick’s day is not complicated at all, and one of the most interesting facts behind this day is that Green is not it’s original color, it is actually blue. Like how Green Designs School color is California Blue! The color was changed to green because it was the color of the Holy Trinity to the pehan Irish. So Green Designers, don’t worry about being pinched by your classmates for not wearing the one color you don’t have in your closet. You can always wear blue after all! On St. Patrick’s day, Green Design leadership hosted a fun activity – a scavenger hunt. There were tons of St. Patrick’s day themed prizes and many students made sure to participate in the activity. Remember to respect your classmates and of course your teachers when it comes to pinching! By: Lipzi Lopez